Valentine’s Day Traditions Around The World

In honor of Valentine’s Day week, we selected a few traditions that every country takes pride in when they celebrate love in all its splendor.


  • Instead of roses, friends and lovers exchange pressed white flowers called snowdrops.
  • Another popular tradition is the exchange of “lover’s cards.” Before, these were transparent and showed a picture of the card giver presenting a gift to his loved one. Now, any card is exchanged on Valentine’s Day.
  • On February 14th, men also give women gaekkebrev, a “joking letter” which usually is a funny poem or rhyme written on cut paper and signed with anonymous dots. If a woman who receives the gaekkebrev can guess the sender, she wins an Easter egg.

    • In Japan, women present men with “giri” chocolate to friends, bosses, and colleagues.
    • Women present their lovers, boyfriends or husbands with honmei-choco (true feeling chocolate). Many women choose to make it rather than buying it as a sign of devotion. It’s not about words, its actions!


    • As you may already know, we celebrate with chocolates, flowers and cute cards (Hallmark or hand-made)
    • A dinner and a movie is always a nice way to spend time with your loved ones and celebrate this special day


    • Italians celebrate Valentine’s Day with gift exchanges and romantic dinners. One of the most popular gifts in Italy is Baci Perugina, which are chocolate-covered hazelnuts wrapped with a romantic quote printed in four languages.

    Finland and Estonia

    • Here, Valentine’s Day is all about a friendly celebration called Ystävän Päivä in Finnish and Sõbrapäev in Estonian. People exchange presents and cards with the greeting ‘Happy Friends Day’.


    • In Slovenia it is believed that on February 14 plants start to regenerate. There’s also the belief that birds ‘propose’ to each other on this day. They also celebrate their love for each other on Saint Gregory’s Day (March 12)

    South Africa

    • South Africans celebrate this day with chocolates, flowers, and romantic dinners.
    • They also celebrate with an old-age Roman festival called ‘Lupercalia’ (thought to be the predecessor to Valentine’s Day), where young girls pin the name of their partner on their sleeve.


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