If you were in a motorcycle accident start a free chat now!


If you were in a motorcycle accident start a free chat now!

Were You Involved in a Motorcycle Accident in Orlando?

Motorcycle accidents are common in Orlando, and these accident can lead to serious injuries that prove to be fatal. In several cases, these injuries can have a devastating impact on the life of the victim and the family.

Riding a motorcycle is dangerous. Recent stats show that approximately 10,080 motorcycle crashes occurs in Florida every year. Of these crashes, about 8,000 involve serious injuries while 525 are fatal.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accident in Florida

Motorcyclists face various types of dangers out on the road. A motorcycle accident in Orlando can occur due to various reasons.

Injury Due to Car Doors — Most car owners don’t look before opening their car doors. A motorcyclist traveling at a high speed can collide with a car door and sustain serious injuries.

Unsafe Lane Changes — A motorcycle injury can also occur in the case of unsafe lane changes. An injury can result when a car or truck driver doesn’t check the blind spot when changing lanes.

Over Speeding — Another common reason for motorcycle accidents in Orlando is speeding. Driving at a high speed reduces the chance of reacting in case of an emergency. The risk of a collision is higher when driving at a high speed. The higher the speed, the more severe will be the injury.

DUI Driving — Around six out of ten fatal motorcycle accidents occur due to driving while drunk. Driving under the influence (DUI) is a punishable offense in the state of Florida.

Sudden Stops — A lot of accidents occur due to a sudden stop. Hitting the break abruptly on the road can cause serious injuries to a motorcyclist.

Dangerous Conditions on the Road — Dangerous road conditions are another reason for motorcycle accidents. Potholes, crumbling pavement, debris, and lack of signals are some of the reasons that lead to motorcycle accidents.

Common Injuries Due to Motorcycle Accidents in Orlando

Motorcycle accidents can result in serious injuries, and it may require days and sometimes a year to recover from them. Here are some of the common injuries that are sustained due to a motorcycle accident.

Head Injuries

A head injury is the most common injury due to a motorcycle accident. Injuries to the head are usually serious. You should get immediate medical attention after this type of injury.

Even if you don’t experience any pain after a concussion, you should contact a medical professional. Symptoms of head injuries can take time to become evident. Any sort of concussion to the head should be carefully monitored.

Broken Bones

A motorcycle accident can also lead to fractured bones. The bones can be fractured even when you wear protective clothing.

Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can be life-threatening. The victim may feel like vomiting and nausea, and experience loss of coordination. Some brain injuries can lead to permanent disability. It’s also worth noting that recovering from brain injuries takes a lot of time.

Back and Neck Injuries

Motorcycle accidents can also lead to whiplash injuries, paralysis, and spinal cord injuries. These injuries can have a devastating effect on the victims’ life. The injuries can prevent a victim from performing daily tasks such as working a full-time job. As a result, the individual is at risk of facing loss of income.

Damage to Soft Tissue

Motorcycle accidents can also result in damage to the soft tissue of the body. The injuries to the soft tissue include damage to muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the body. Recovery period for a soft tissue injury depends on the age, health condition, and seriousness of the motorcycle accident.

Types of Claims You Can File After a Motorcycle Accident

You can file different types of claims after a motorcycle accident. Knowing about the claims is important as it will help you reduce the financial burden due to a motorcycle accident injury.

Medical Insurance Compensation Claim

Everyone is required to carry a personal injury protection insurance, according to the State of Florida rule. The minimum amount of medical insurance is $10,000 while the wrongful death insurance is $5,000.

The benefits are paid out and offered to an injured person regardless of party at fault. The protection coverage will pay up nearly 60 percent of the lost wages and 80 percent of medical costs for treating the injury up to a certain maximum limit.

Compensation Claim for Personal Injuries

Apart from filing a claim for medical insurance, you can also file a court case against the guilty driver. By filing a case against the guilty party, you can get compensation for injuries sustained due to the actions of another person.

Irrespective of whether you have medical insurance, you can file a case against the party responsible for the accident. The successful outcome of a motorcycle accident personal injury case depends on a number of factors. You have to prove that:

  • The driver had a duty to care.
  • The driver had acted negligently.
  • The negligence of the driver resulted in an accident.
  • The injury caused by the accident was serious resulting in medical expenses and lost wages.

Proving the fault of a negligent driver is not easy. You should consider getting the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer for the case.

Compensation for Vehicle Damage

You can also claim compensation for vehicle damage. The compensation amount will be according to the appraised value of the motorcycle before the accident.

Why It’s Important to Get Medical Treatment Soon After a Motorcycle Accident?

You have to seek medical attention soon after a motorcycle accident. As per the no-fault system in Florida, a victim should get medical treatment for serious injuries within 14 days of a motorcycle accident. This has been outlined in the Florida Statutes Section 627.736.

In case you don’t get medical attention within the specified date, you risk losing your claim for medical benefits from the insurance company. The insurance company will either reduce the compensation amount or deny your claim outright, and you won’t have any legal remedy for the recovery of the compensation amount.

Consider getting treatment within a few days of a motorcycle accident injury. The longer you wait after an accident, the more is the risk that your claim will be denied.

When You Should File a Motorcycle Accident Case in Orlando?

You should act fast after a motorcycle accident. According to the Statue of Limitation in Florida, you can file a wrongful death claim within four years of a motorcycle accident injury. In case of a wrongful death claim, you should file the case within a two-year period.

If you don’t file a wrongful death case within the specified period, you will be denied the right to file a case. This means that you can’t get any compensation for your injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.

Filing a Wrongful Death Claim After an Orlando Motorcycle Accident

If a person has been killed due to a motorcycle accident, the close family members can file a wrongful death case against the guilty party.

To win a wrongful death case, it must be proved in the court, that the wrongful death happened because of the negligence or intentional act of the driver. The burden of proof is the same as that the victim would have had to meet if he or she had filed a personal injury case against the guilty person.

A question is who can file a wrongful death case?

A wrongful death case can be filed by the representative of the victim’s estate. The representative can file a case on behalf of the close family members of the victim.

Benefits of Hiring an Orlando Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

You should contact an experienced motorcycle lawyer for filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim. Hiring an experienced Orlando motorcycle lawyer can result in various benefits.

Save Time and Effort in Fighting a Case

Getting the help of an experienced personal injury attorney will help save time and effort in dealing with motorcycle accident cases. You won’t have to deal with the hassles involved in meeting legal requirements regarding a motorcycle accident case.

Prove Guilt without a Reasonable Doubt

Experienced personal injury attorneys know how to collect evidence that will prove the guilt of a person responsible for the accident. The attorney will go at great length to ensure that the guilt is proved without any reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury.

Increased Chances of a Successful Case Outcome

Hiring an attorney also increases the odds of a successful court outcome. Moreover, it will increase the chances of getting the maximum possible compensation amount from the guilty party.

Hiring an Orlando Motorcycle Accident Attorney Near Me

Make sure that you hire an motorcycle accident lawyer in Orlando with years of experience in fighting personal injury cases. Avoid hiring an inexperienced attorney even if the charges are low. You won’t get highly qualified legal services from an inexperienced attorney who is new to the field.

If you want help in a motorcycle accident case, you can contact the Shiner Law Group. We have experienced attorneys with years of experience in dealing with motorcycle accident cases. Contact us by dialing 855-462-6878 to schedule a free case evaluation today.


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