If you were in a bicycle accident start a free chat now!


If you were in a bicycle accident start a free chat now!

Have you or someone you know been involved in a bicycle accident in Jacksonville?

Bicycle accidents are quite dangerous, and statistics show that thousands of bicyclists die every year in the US.

Over the past three years, there have been nearly 6,500 bicycle crashes every year in Florida. Jacksonville is the second most dangerous place in the US for bicyclists, according to the recent data from the National Highway Traffic Administration.

Reasons For Bicycle Accidents In Jacksonville

Most bicycle accidents occur due to collision with a car or truck. There are several other reasons why bicyclists can get into an accident.

Driver Not Giving Right of Way

As per the rules in Florida, bicycles should be given the ‘right of way’ similar to other vehicles. A lot of bicycle-related accidents occur when the driver does not yield to the right of way when pulling out of a driveway or a side street. These spaces tend to be confined, which reduces the reaction time to avoid an accident.

Lane Merging

Many bicycle accidents occur in an intersection or when a lane is merging. Accidents occur when the bicyclists don’t remain on the right side of the roads. A lot of bicycle-related accidents could have been averted if the bicyclists followed rules and remained in the left or center of the lane.

Riding Close to Vehicles

Many accidents occur when the drivers don’t leave enough space for others. Drivers should leave at least three feet from a bicycle when in the same lane. Not leaving enough space results in a collision with the bicycle.

Over Speeding

Over speeding is also a cause of bicycle-related accidents in Florida. A bicyclist can sustain serious injuries after colliding with a fast-moving vehicle. In most cases of over speeding, the results prove fatal.

Defective Parts

Defective brakes, tires, or chain often cause bicycle accidents. If a biker has sustained injuries due to faulty bicycle parts, he or she can file a case against the bicycle manufacturing company.

Crossing on the Path of the Bicycle

A lot of bicycle accidents have occurred when a vehicle crosses in the path of a bicycle. This usually happens at an intersection or an alley. The accident occurs due to poor visibility or negligence on part of the driver.

Poor Road Conditions

Poor road conditions can also lead to a bicycle accident. Potholes, or uneven surfaces, and even slippery roads can contribute to a bicycle accident.

Driving Under the Influence

A lot of bicycle accidents occur due to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. DUI is a punishable offense in Florida. The driver guilty of the offense must compensate the victim for injuries caused due to reckless driving under the influence.

Common Injuries Due to Bicycle Accidents

Unlike truck and car drivers, bicyclists remain exposed on the road. Apart from the basic protective helmet and other safety gears, they don’t have any protection while on the road. That’s why bicycle accidents generally involve serious injuries.

Arm Injuries

The most common injury after a bicycle accident is arm and hand injuries. The injuries can be devastating. Riders usually break the ulna or the radius when they try to shield their head from injury after falling to the ground. This can also result in partial or permanent disability.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Many bicycle accidents lead to traumatic brain injuries such as cranial hemorrhage, skull fracture, contusions, and concussions. Not wearing a helmet can result in more serious brain injuries. Also, an ill-fitted helmet that doesn’t offer enough protection can also lead to traumatic brain injuries.

First- level brain injuries are known as concussions, and they leads to the temporary loss of consciousness and short-term memory loss. The victim also feels drowsiness, nausea, and headache.

Moderate traumatic injuries have more severe symptoms and last for a longer period — typically half an hour to up to six hours.

Severe traumatic brain injuries can have a devastating impact. They can lead to loss of coordination, seizures, and dilution of pupils. In extreme cases, the injured person experiences a temporary or permanent coma.

Neck and Back Injuries

A bicycle accident can also lead to neck and back injuries. Symptoms of a spinal cord injury include:

  • Loss of bowel control
  • Numbness in extremities
  • Severe pressure in the back or neck

The damage to the spinal cord can be irreversible. In some cases, partial or full paralysis occurs due to the neck and back injury.

Road Rash

A lot of people don’t realize that road rash can be serious. The damage to the skin during a road accident can affect the overall health of a person.

A person in a bicycle accident can slide along the pavement, due to which the skin may be scraped off. Debris from the road can get inside the body, resulting in fresh wounds and bacterial infection. The rash could prove fatal if it’s not sterilized soon after the accident.

Leg Injuries

In some bicycle accidents, the rider can sustain injuries in his/her lower abdomen. Legs and feet are the most vulnerable regions since they are close to the ground. Many riders don’t protect these areas when riding. Injuries to this area after a bike accident can result in fractured or broken bones.

Apart from the physical injuries, the victim of a bicycle accident also faces emotional trauma. The injury can lead to severe psychological symptoms. Medications or therapy may be required to reduce stress, mental anguish, depression, anxiety, and other psychological issues after an accident.

When to File a Jacksonville Bicycle Accident Case?

You should file a bicycle accident case soon after an accident. The Statute of Limitation in Florida states that you should file a court case within four years of an accident. You won’t be able to get compensation if you file a case after the expiry of four years.

In case of a death after a bicycle accident, the close family members should file a case within two years after an accident. The right to claim compensation will be denied after the expiry period of a wrongful death case.

In addition, you should get treatment for your injuries soon after an accident. The Florida rules mandate that the victim should have received treatment within 14 days of an injury. You will forfeit your right to claim if you don’t get treatment at the expiry of the period.

Types of Injury Claims You can File in Jacksonville From Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents can lead to different types of damages. From physical injury to psychological pain, those involved in such accidents may have to endure a lot. The claim you can file in the court depends on the extent of an injury and the damage due to the bicycle accident.

Property Damage Claims

You can file a property damage claim if your bike has been destroyed in an accident. The amount of compensation that you will get will depend on the condition of the bike. The amount will be greater if the bike needs more repairs. In case a bike has been destroyed, the compensation amount can equal the market value of the bike at the time of the accident.

Medical Insurance

Every person is required to hold insurance in Florida. You can claim compensation from the medical insurance provider of the guilty party. The extent of the compensation claim will depend on the costs of treating the injuries.

You can also get compensation in case the guilty driver is uninsured or underinsured. Your insurance company will pay in case the person responsible for the accident is not insured or has low coverage. This will help cover around 80 percent of the costs of treating the injuries.

Personal Injury Claim

You can also file a claim for the personal injuries sustained due to the accident. The injuries consist of both physical and psychological injuries. You can file a claim for both economic and uneconomic damages due to the injury.

Why Hire a Jacksonville Bicycle Accident Attorney?

Make sure that you hire a bicycle accident attorney for filing a court case for bicycle injury. Your attorney will take care of all the legal formalities required in filing a case. The legal professional will collect evidence surrounding the accident to prove the guilt of the person responsible for the accident.

Getting the help of a Jacksonville bike accident lawyer will help you save the headache involved in fulfilling legal requirements. The attorney will make all possible efforts to obtain the most favorable outcome in your favor.

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