Halloween Safety Tips

David I Shiner Halloween Safety Tips

The bewitching majesty of Halloween night metamorphoses Florida children and their families into spooky goblins, ghoulish witches, and terrifying creatures from beyond; however, while indulging in the myriad of festivities this creepy celebration has to offer, it is important to recognize the basic safety precautions that can keep your family safe for this hallowed tradition.

The Shiner Law Group and its team of seasoned attorneys wish all Floridians a safe and happy Halloween. We have provided, for your consideration, a list of safety tips to follow while enjoying your evening.

Road Safety

According to the National Safety Council, of the motor vehicle-related accidents in 2015 on Halloween, approximately 6,700 pedestrians were killed and 160,000 suffered injuries. Research indicates 17% of these deaths is attributed to improperly crossing roads or intersections, 15% to reduced visibility, and 15% accounts for running into oncoming traffic.

Parents should accompany young children while they trick-or-treat, advise them of traffic safety laws, prevent them from using electronic devices while crossing roads and encourage them to use sidewalks and pedestrian pathways. Children should never enter a stranger’s vehicle, consume candy that has not been inspected, or travel on unlit or unfamiliar paths.

Similarly, motorists must be alert while driving through Florida neighborhoods: turn headlights on earlier, approach intersections with caution, anticipate heavy pedestrian traffic, back out of driveways slowly, and beware of children moving unpredictably near roadways.

Choosing Safe Costumes

Popular trick-or-treating hours occur between 5:30 PM and 9:30 PM, so choosing a festive albeit appropriate costume can reduce the risk of injury. Dressing in costumes with bright colors, reflective surfaces, or lights can alert motorists to your presence. Additionally, masks may obstruct a child’s ability to see or react to his/her surroundings; consider opting for non-toxic face paint or makeup. Parents should also purchase appropriate-fitting costumes to prevent trips and falls.

Keeping Pets Spooky, Safe, and Identifiable

If you plan to have your pet(s) accompany you and your family on Halloween night, it is important to recognize the intensity of the evening might be unsettling for your furry companion. Ensure your pet has the proper and up-to-date identification in case the animal escapes. Additionally, families can place their not-so-social pet(s) in a separate room away from the main entrance to reduce stress. Be sure to keep candy bowls out of reach.

Pet owners should also be cautious of animals getting too close to potentially hazardous decorations. Cats are particularly curious, which may lead them to play with jack-o-lanterns or candles.

Trick or TREATS!

It would not be Halloween without the cauldron-sized bags filled with candy; however, parents should always inspect delicious treats before allowing their child to consume them.

The Shiner Law Group provides a list of food safety tips for parents to follow:

  • Prevent allergic reactions by checking the list of ingredients.
  • Discard any homemade treats.
  • Reduce choking hazards by discarding small, hard candy.
  • Notify the police if you discover signs of tampering, which may include an unusual appearance, discoloration, pinholes, or tears in wrappers.

Keep Florida Safe

If you plan to celebrate this Halloween, the Shiner Law Group identifies several ways you can help keep your community safe.

  • Display a teal pumpkin to notify families that you offer non-candy treats to children who may have food allergies or diabetes.
  • Keep pathways and entrances illuminated.
  • For in-home parties, refrigerate perishable foods, clean fruit, and avoid serving raw dough.
  • Exchange or donate candy your child cannot eat.

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