Disputes Between a Company and Suppliers

Disputes Between A Company

A lot of businesses in Florida tend to find themselves in disputes with a customer, a vendor, or a supplier. The business owner or a professional partnership may have disagreements, which can lead to polarization, dissolution, and breakup. Former and current employers and employees may have disputes related to confidentiality, non-solicitation, or non-compete agreements. It isn’t uncommon for these disagreements to end up arbitration or in court.

That is the reason why all businesses are recommended to have an effective and efficient dispute resolution system, to minimize the effects of any grievance someone may have with your company and business. Failing to deal with a problem thoroughly and promptly may end up costing the business valuable money and time. It could even land the business in legal trouble if the individual in question has a valid complaint with the company.

Whenever there is a dispute involving your business, it is recommended to seek legal advice from a specialist in business and commercial law. This will help you make a genuine attempt to resolve the dispute while dealing with the other party. You should also check the contract between you and the other party for any clauses that outline the procedure, if a dispute arises. There can also be a termination clause that explains how either party can end the contract. It is for these reasons you need to consider hiring the best business litigation attorney to guide you throughout the lawsuit or claim.

You should keep all relevant documents and correspondence, because any third-party, like an arbitrator, will require them to build the complete picture of the dispute. In many cases the information that you will need for the lawsuit will include electronically stored information or what is also referred to as “E.S.I.” This “electronic evidence” is often critical to business litigation disputes. Therefore, it is important that you carefully save this information and provide all of it to your lawyers. Generally, it is important that the lawyers review all of your evidence and decide with you what information and documents you may want to use at trial or deposition. The top business lawyers will know the intricacies of the rules addressing evidence which may certainly help in resolving your case positively and efficiently.

Commercial Litigation & Solution in Breach of Contract Disputes

At Shiner Law Group, we have a team of experienced business litigators and attorneys, who take the time to understand the business operations and objectives of our clients. They also look at the nature of the contracts that a business has with clients, vendors, and suppliers. If a dispute does arise between the company and suppliers, we are prepared to move quickly to enforce the contracts and protect the interests of our clients and their business.

We have represented professionals, individuals, large corporations, and small businesses in various types of contract disputes, involving the following:

  • Licensing contract disputes
  • Service contract disputes
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes and agreements
  • Real estate contract disputes that involve other transactional contracts or buy/sell agreements
  • Commercial lease breach of contract disputes
  • Trade secret disputes involving misappropriation of assets and trade secrets
  • Real estate commission disputes
  • Employment agreements involving non-compete
  • Non disclosure agreements a/k/a NDAs
  • Breach of written or oral contractual obligation

Our local commercial litigation lawyers will conduct a comprehensive review of your contract and advise you on your legal rights, options, obligations, and offer innovative solutions for resolving the dispute in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Our legal team will approach every contract dispute mindful of all financial and legal implications and offers a complete protection of your interests. We are motivated to keep all negotiations, proceedings, and potential litigations pointed at a resolution, which advances the objectives and operations of your business.

The business attorneys at Shiner Law Group offer aggressive and persistent commercial litigation services to businesses and individuals throughout Florida. We seek favorable resolutions through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation. Our law firm has steadily expanded over the years thanks to our clients for placing their trust in us. We now have law offices throughout South Florida and can meet to discuss non-competes, business litigation, or discuss a breach of contract, or at one of our many other satellite offices.


Negotiation involves having discussions in order to resolve an issue and reach an agreement. Initially, the competence of the parties and their ability to delve into the subject matter is considered. If you have doubts about your or your staff’s ability, or if there are complex and technical problems, then you must retain the services of appropriate professionals to help you. This becomes even more important if the other party has technical experts to aid them.


If all internal dispute resolution procedures have failed, you must take the next step, which is litigation. This will mean using the courts, and will require a “pre-action protocol”, which may motivate the other party to settle the dispute before the case goes to court. Litigation through courts can be expensive, and legal costs are front loaded, so significant fees will be incurred before the case has even started.

The losing party tends to pay the costs of the party successful, but only 50% to 70% of these costs are recovered, and the successful party may still pay substantial legal costs. The court proceedings are inflexible and involve a lot of time and effort from all parties. Therefore, you should consider all other options to resolve disputes, like arbitration.


Arbitration is just like court proceedings, with the only difference being that it is more flexible. Everyone involved in the dispute may choose an arbitrator and agree on the procedures that must be followed. You can tailor a service with arbitration to the needs and industry standards of your business. However, arbitration isn’t necessarily cheaper or an expedient than litigation, since arbitrators may not be as reliable as court judges.

Laws Invoked in Commercial Litigation

Most commercial law cases are based on protecting businesses and consumers from illegal practices. Federal and state laws exist to punish and define illegal practices, which can be tried at state and federal level.

At the Federal level, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the Occupational Safety and Health Act, the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act govern the standards of operational procedures for businesses and government agencies in the United States. The U.S. Congress is responsible for enforcing all federal commerce laws.

At the state level, the Florida Business Corporations Act and the Uniform Commercial Code govern to protect businesses and their consumers from illegal and unfair practices. Each state has its own version of the Uniform Commercial Code customized to its unique needs. If you are searching for a top rated business lawyer to help you deal with your legal issues then do not hesitate to call and speak to one of our legal professionals.

Our Florida Commercial Litigation Attorneys Can Help

At Shiner Law Group, we have professional and certified commercial litigation attorneys<, with extensive experience and expertise in civil and business law in Florida. If you or your business has been involved in a commercial dispute with suppliers, get in touch with us by calling at (561) 777-7700 to speak with our experienced commercial litigation attorneys, for a free legal consultation today!

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