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As the holiday festivities and sales slowly come to an end, people start to look toward the future and the New Year. With the New Year approaching, many look to improve themselves in one way or another and begin to think about personal resolutions.

The most popular of which is to get healthy through improved diet and exercise. All things related to this movement become center stage and go on sale. From gym memberships and clothes, to diet plans and health foods, a deal can be found to help you make yourself leaner, fitter, and healthier.

The problem is, many people do not have the mojo to keep up a new routine. Fear not. As 2018 approaches, there are many resolutions out there that do not require too much strength or effort and can truly turn you into a new person. They include:

  1. Skip the macchiato at least once a week. If you splurged for a Keurig, use it.
  2. Take the money saved from brewing your own Joe and put it in a piggy bank. You will be able to take that much-needed vacation over the summer.
  3. Say no to pizza and taco Tuesday once a month and add that to your savings. You could end up going to Europe!
  4. Clean out your closet. Donate to your local charity.
  5. Get an annual physical.
  6. Stop procrastinating – commit and follow through with your plans.
  7. Support your local businesses.
  8. Cook for yourself more than once a week.
  9. Make a meal for someone other than yourself.
  10. Do an anonymous good deed and keep it that way.
  11. If you are still paying for a gym membership, go in and use the sauna. There are no rules on how you should sweat, just that you should.
  12. Try a new exercise class while you at the gym.
  13. Choose a new healthy snack.
  14. Do activities that help you meet new people, like taking an art class, join a book club, walk a 5k or take part in community events.
  15. Try the new restaurant in town – vegan, poke, and desserts are encouraged.
  16. See how long you can last as a vegetarian.
  17. Learn new jokes.
  18. Develop a signature dance move.
  19. Keep a food journal to track your progress.
  20. Have breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day.
  21. Walk to work, or at least take a stroll around the block.
  22. Get more sleep and leave 10 to 15 minutes earlier than you usually do.
  23. Earn more money with small tasks using Tasks Rabbit.
  24. Challenge yourself by learning a fun new language.
  25. Learn to defend or protect yourself with a self defense or martial arts class.
  26. Get out of debt – check your credit report, remove inquires and paydown on credit cards.
  27. Buy new sheets for your bed.
  28. Learn a new word everyday.
  29. Drink more water.
  30. Do your best to make it a great year.

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